Kitty and Cadaver

Everyone has secrets

Rome’s Burning is a five-piece band with its roots in the 13th century: a line of musicians gifted with the magic-wielding Minstrel Tongue. For hundreds of years, Rome’s Burning and its forebears have used music to protect the world from vampires, trolls, zombies, ghosts, banshees, dragons, water demons and other denizens of the dark.

But after one hellish night in the suburbs of Budapest, Rome’s Burning defeated a nest of vampires at a terrible cost. Their lead singer and the love of his life are dead. Rome’s Burning is no more.

The survivors retreat as far as they can go – to Melbourne, Australia – to deal with their grief, decide on their future, find a new leader and, as tradition demands, a new name. Before any of that happens, however, these minstrel-warriors have to find out why the dead keep rising everywhere they go.

Everyone has secrets and some of them might explain what’s going on. Perhaps the key is in the hands of Kitty Carrasco, the Melbourne funeral home beautician who doesn’t know the secrets of her own past.

Kitty and Cadaver is a story of grief, love, vampires, music, magic, secrets and the restless dead.

Buy Kitty and Cadaver at Clan Destine Press or at most online bookstores.

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Kitty and Cadaver hand-made jewellery

If you love this book, you might enjoy wearing jewellery inspired by music, monsters and Melbourne –  and made by me!

Kitty and Cadaver – the Songs

Some of the songs from the book are performed by Melbourne band Bronze. Check out some audio and links at Dangerous Charm.


“The characters are engaging and captivating, the mythology and worldbuilding is a delight”

~ Lauren E. Mitchell, author The Fear Collectors

“It’s a pretty cool premise… and one hell of a great book. Loved it!”

~ George Ivanoff, author The Gamers series

My Book of the Year! … There is so much I want to say about the believability of the diverse characters, the authenticity of the band dynamics, even the accuracy of the research into Melbourne’s past, and how it all comes together to be greater than the sum of its parts. Thoroughly recommended. 

~ LynC, author of Nil By Mouth

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