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Narrelle has turned her hand to editing anthologies in recent years too.

The Only One in the World: A Sherlock Holmes Anthology

You can order it from Clan Destine Press as an ebook, paperback or hardcover, It’s also available from Amazon, Booktopia and other online bookstores

  • “Smart, entertaining, and fresh” – The Weekend Australian
  • “The stories are exciting and fresh, breathing new life into a beloved character” – Ashleigh Meikle
  • “The sheer contrast between the stories lends something extra to the joy of reading them all” – Erich Mayer
  • “What a terrific anthology this is!…I think you will enjoy these stories as much as I did” – Jennifer Cameron-Smith
  • “Cool…cool…cool” and “Cool!” – Phil Brown, Courier Mail
  • “What a wild romp…there is something in this anthology for everyone…highly recommended” – Kirsten McKenzie
  • “I seriously loved all the different takes on Sherlock! So many good stories!” – Candace Robinson

Clamour and Mischief

A clamour of rooks. A mischief of magpies. A storytelling of crows.

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All the corvids – the rooks and ravens, the jays and jackdaws, the crows and magpies – have the best collective nouns. A parliament and a party. Tidings and titterings, bands and trains. An unkindness.

Clamour and Mischief brings a veritable storytelling of crows to the corvidae, the bird family known for intelligence and cunning and for their connection with folklore and urban legends. These storytellers come from around the world and include award-winning and -shortlisted authors as well as emerging writers and fledgling authors in their professional debut.

This anthology’s sixteen striking stories are imbued with all the humour, darkness, wisdom, artfulness, vengefulness and magic of the birds that inspired them. Take them as a jest, a guide, or a warning – but don’t, whatever you do, ignore them!

Narrelle M Harris and Clan Destine Press are proud to announce the Table of Contents for Clamour and Mischief, due for release in November 2022.

  • “Once upon a Midnight” by Raymond Gates
  • “All That Glitters” by GV Pearce
  • “Sleuthing for a Cause” by Eugen Bacon
  • “The Past is not a Present” by Geneve Flynn
  • “Watchers” by Alex Marchant
  • “The Song of Crows” by Jack Fennell
  • “Kūpara and Tekoteko” by Lee Murray
  • “Build Another Nest for Phantom Feathers” by RJK Lee
  • “Branwen and the Three Ravens” by Dannye Chase
  • “Seven for a Secret” by Narrelle M Harris
  • “The Girl and the Crow” by R.D. White
  • “The Jackdaw Maiden” by Katya de Becerra
  • “The Language of Birds” by Jason Franks
  • “Murder of Crows” by George Ivanoff
  • “The Devil’s Teeth” by Tamara M Bailey
  • “Quoth the Raven” by Gabiann Marin

Coming soon

This Fresh Hell, eds. Katya de Becerra and Narrelle M Harris

Sherlock is a Girl’s Name eds. Atlin Merrick and Narrelle M Harris