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The focus is on the Duo Ex Machina novellas – crime/gay romance adventures with Frank and Milo, who sing together as Duo Ex Machina.

Other fiction includes Holmes♥Watson stories as well as other romance, fantasy, crime and adventure stories!

I aim to give my backers value for money, so there’ll be posts about Melbourne (where most of the stories will be set), my inspirations, sneak peaks of other works in progress, bits of other writing and writing tutorials (depending on which tier you support).

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Duo Ex Machina

The Duo Ex Machina series is about Frank Capriano and Milo Bertolone, loving couple and members of the two-man band, Duo Ex Machina, and their infrequent and unpleasant encounters with crime.

Fly By Night and Sacrifice have both been re-edited released and are available to all my supporters as a welcome reward.

The third in the series, Number One Fan, is currently being published fortnightly for Backstage Pass level supporters and above. Once it’s been completely posted, an e-book will be given to  all my supporters as a reward before going on general sale.

I’ll be writing two more e-books in the series: Kiss and Cry, and Little Star. They’ll be set over the decades from the first and second books, set in 1999 and 2004 respectively.

Your Patreon pledges will allow me to make time to write these new novellas, as well as paying for new cover art, editing and formatting of the final stories for mobi and epub versions.

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