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At Patreon, my supporters get free ebooks, sneak peeks of works in progress, cover reveals and, from 2020, some tiers also include hand-made-by-me jewellery from Dangerous Charm.

The fiction focus is on the Duo Ex Machina novellas – crime/gay romance adventures with Frank and Milo, who sing together as Duo Ex Machina. Four have been published and the fifth (and final) is currently being serialised for all patrons. Once that story has run its course, there’ll be a new series!

Stay tuned for the new cover images, or support me on Patreon for early access to the stories, other fiction, writing advice and more!

Your Patreon pledges will allow me to make time to write these  novellas, as well as paying for new cover art, editing and formatting of the final stories for mobi and epub versions.

Dangerous Charm

I began making book-themed jewellery in 2019. You can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more, on lots of different themes, at the Dangerous Charm store – but if you support me at Tier 3 and above, you’ll get pieces, hand-made by me, as part of your rewards!

(When you join up you’ll get a survey that asks for your colour and theme preferences, so I can make sure you get things you’ll like!)

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