New in 2020!

The Only One in the World

On Wednesday 1 July, I made my first public reference to a new anthology that I’m editing for Clan Destine Press.

The Only One in the World is an anthology of Sherlock Holmes stories predicated on the notion of what Holmes and/or Watson would be like if they came from a completely different cultural background.

Writers with a particular cultural background or expert historical knowledge were invited to contribute, so readers can look forward to Holmeses and Watsons from many backgrounds.

Clan Destine Press aims to release the anthology towards the end of the year. More details will be posted as they are available.


I have stories in two anthologies due out this year.

‘Harvest’ appears in the B Cubed Press anthology Oz is Burning, released in August 2020.

The anthology is also a bushfire fundraiser with WIRES the nominated charity, so please consider supporting both writers and Australian wildlife with a copy!

‘The Marbletree Wood’ will appear in Branch and Root from Shooting Star Press. The release has been delayed due to the pandemic (well, what hasn’t?) so stay tuned for details.

I have just submitted a Moran and Cato story to another anthology, so keep your fingers crossed for that one!

More details and links when they are available!

Duo Ex Machina 4: Kiss and Cry

My first new release for 2020 is the fourth novella in my Duo Ex Machina series, Kiss and Cry. Now that it has finished being serialised on my Patreon, the book is available to the general public!

Set in 2014, Kiss and Cry sees musicians and life partners Frank Capriano and Milo Bertolone facing new challenges. Milo is taking part in a celebrity ice dancing show for charity; Frank is a busy music producer. They’re both working too hard and losing touch with the love that has kept them strong for so long. At the same time, some odd things are going on with other participants in Icing It! What new and unlooked-for danger threatens them now, and is it worse than the miserable estrangement they’re going through?

Dangerous Charm Book-inspired jewellery

In 2019 I began to make book-related jewellery, including earrings inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Kitty and Cadaver, Grounded, Richard III and Secret Agents Secret Lives. In 2020, the range of themes will include Shakespeare, paranormal & Halloween themes, the Vampires of Melbourne series and more!

If you join my Patreon at the Bling level or above, you’ll get Dangerous Charm items as part of your rewards!

2019 releases!

Kitty and Cadaver: One hellish night in the suburbs of Budapest, music magicians Rome’s Burning defeated a nest of vampires at a terrible cost. The survivors retreat to Melbourne, Australia to deal with their grief, find a new leader and, as tradition demands, take a new name. Before any of that happens, however, these minstrel-warriors have to find out why the dead keep rising everywhere they go.

Grounded: In a world where wings give everyone the freedom to fly, an artist born wingless uses her art to show the winged world the wonder of the ground. But when she meets a recently injured police officer who finds himself grounded, they will both learn that there is more than one way to soar.

Scar Tissue and Other Stories: It’s all about scars and what they mean.
Scar Tissue and Other Stories includes tales in the universes of:
Holmes ♥ Watson | Ravenfall | Kitty and Cadaver | The Vampires of Melbourne | Holmes + Watson

Duo Ex Machina: Number One Fan: Five years after a serial killer nearly put an end to Duo Ex Machina, Frank and  Milo are still dealing with the aftermath. Maybe their new album will be the comeback they’ve been looking for – if the mysterious Number One Fan doesn’t turn out to be dangerous as well as obsessed.

Looking for more titles? Read on!

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  • a racy lesbian romance in the Middle East
  • two flightless people discovering each other in a world of wings
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  • a queer paranormal thriller set in the heart of London

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