to the works of Narrelle M Harris!

My inspirations are eclectic: crime, adventure, fantasy, horror and romance – separately or combined. My inspirations are also themes of family, growth and redemption. Whether you’re reading:

  • a vampire adventure in modern Melbourne
  • Sherlock Holmes and John Watson falling in love across time
  • a racy lesbian romance in the Middle East
  • two flightless people discovering each other in a world of wings
  • a rock band that fights monsters with magical music
  • a queer paranormal thriller set in the heart of London

you’ll find humour, heart, friendships and love.

NEW in 2019

Grounded: In a world where wings give everyone the freedom to fly, an artist born wingless uses her art to show the winged world the wonder of the ground. But when she meets a recently injured police officer who finds himself grounded, they will both learn that there is more than one way to soar.

Kitty and Cadaver: One hellish night in the suburbs of Budapest, music magicians Rome’s Burning defeated a nest of vampires at a terrible cost. The survivors retreat to Melbourne, Australia to deal with their grief, find a new leader and, as tradition demands, take a new name. Before any of that happens, however, these minstrel-warriors have to find out why the dead keep rising everywhere they go.

Scar Tissue and Other Stories: It’s all about scars and what they mean.
Scar Tissue and Other Stories includes tales in the universes of:
Holmes ♥ Watson | Ravenfall | Kitty and Cadaver | The Vampires of Melbourne | Holmes + Watson

Duo Ex Machina: Number One Fan: Five years after a serial killer nearly put an end to Duo Ex Machina, Frank and  Milo are still dealing with the aftermath. Maybe their new album will be the comeback they’ve been looking for – if the mysterious Number One Fan doesn’t turn out to be dangerous as well as obsessed.

War of the Worlds: Battleground Australia: An anthology inspired by HG Wells’ Martian Invasion – set in Australia in the past, present and future! Contains my story “Banjo’s War”.

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Queer and straight romance, often combined with crime and fantasy.

Fantasy adventures, with or without romance

Horror, SF, Fantasy and Crime!
Crime (including traditional Holmes + Watson), SF, fantasy and horror short stories.

Words are like oxygen